$ 3,500
Color: Brown

Jipijapa hat, handmade in the Yucatan Peninsula.

-* The quality of the hat depends on the number of threads that the weave has per linear inch.

The jipijapa palm leaf is shredded with a needle, the thinner the strand, the more laborious the fabric and the finer the quality of the hat.

We calculate the quality of a hat according to the number of fibers the fabric has per linear inch.

  • A  Standard quality  hat takes 5 days of work, its fabric has between 6 to 9 strands per inch.
  • An extra fine quality 3 hat takes 3 weeks of work, its fabric has between 13 to 14 strands per inch.
  • If you would like your hat in Fine or Extra Fine Quality, please contact us, we are happy to make it just for you.

-All ribbons are gros-grain imported from France.


Please allow 1-4 week for shipping.

If we do not have the item you purchased we will hand make it for you!


If you want to find out your size at home, just have a flexible measuring tape. This is placed around the head above the ears, at the height of the middle of the forehead and the most protruding in the back. This would be the level where the hat normally rests. The tape measure should be taught, but not tight. Make a note of the centimeter length. In case you don't have a flexible measuring tape, we  have a trick: you can use a thread and then measure it with a ruler.


7        (Size S)    = 56 cm =  22 inches   US

7 1/8 (Size M)  = 57 cm =  22.4 inches US

7 1/4 (Size L)   = 58 cm =  22.8 inches US

7 3/8 (Size XL)  = 59 cm =  23.2 inches US

7 1/2 (Size XXL) = 60 cm =  23.6 inches US

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